Celebrate The Various Shades Of Friendship

It is the month of Friendship!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Your parents, siblings, classmates, neighbors and even your pets can help you discover the meaning of being a true friend.

Celebrate the joy of friendship with the Picture Books listed below. Add these books into your reading queue today!

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Age Group : 3 – 7 year old

Karimuga is a pleasant rakshasa. He is a beautiful rakshasa too. But that makes all other rakshasas jealous of him. Karimuga can’t bear to see them unhappy… A story that inverts ideas of beauty with a light touch, while the pictures add to the fun.Willy the chimp is lonely, but then he bumps into the gorilla Hugh Jape, and though the two of them are different, a touching friendship grows between them. Hugh protects little Willy from the attentions of Buster Nose, and Willy can read to Hugh and save the day when a hairy spider comes along!When they were very young, royal sisters Anna and Elsa were as close as could be. But then everything changed, and now, they couldn’t be more different. They agree on just one thing: they both wish they had a sister more like them. No one wants to be friends with Wasp, they are too scared of him, until Dragonfly comes along. Then Wasp scares off the terrible Toad and shows what true friends are for. A charming story with rich vivid illustrations about feeling left out, and making friends. Wanda wants to take her best friend – the alien – camping,but it wont stop raining! With their bags packed, they head for the alien’s planet in search of an ideal camping spot. But the alien’s world is very different to Wanda’s. Will they be able to find somewhere perfect to camp together? Giraffe can’t see further than her own nose, but when the animals make her a pair of glasses she refuses to wear them. Can her friends make her see sense? The greep and the grork are very different, but they are still the best of friends. The greep is brave and never scared, while the grork is shy and easily frightened. Together they set off on a journey, and the grork learns to confront his fear with a little bit of help from his friend. Cleo is a toy horse all alone in a new house! There’s no such thing as monsters, is there? This picture book makes a great bedtime story for children of all ages to share in Cleo’s fear of the dark and her joy in finding a new friend. Soda is a dog who feels like a dog. Bonda is a cat who feels like a… dog! When Little Bear wakes early from his winter sleep he has the most wonderful surprise: SNOW! Little Bear tumbles and skids and stomps and dances, but he soon finds that even snow is no fun without a friend to share it. So he decides to build a snowman… A charming story of friendship, made extra special by the magical, sparkling finish on the snowman. This is the story of the huge stone man whose job it is to hold up a castle vault. But when he becomes bored with his job, he longs to see the world outside the castle. Then a little girl called Sarah comes along and persuades him to plan his freedom. The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, and each animal asks for a ride on the broom. They climb on, one after the next, until the broom is so heavy that it snaps in two! What will happen next as they tumble into a bog and meet a greedy dragon? What happens when Peter’s best friend Paul goes missing? He goes to the ends of the earth to find him, of course. Oliver is finding the big city a lonely and scary place but when he finds a little lost dog he makes his first friend in the city. The trouble is, he knows that somewhere out there someone is missing the little dog just as much as he is loving having him, So, with a heavy heart, Oliver sets about doing the right thing. A beautifully told story with a lovely, uplifting ending. Penny the puppy has a toy all of her own. Pup is all squashy and floppy, and Penny chews and loves him to bits. Penny doesn’t think he needs any other friends, but then one day Pup is lost and Penny doesn’t know who to turn to for help. Eddie is feeling sad and so is the bear. They both wish they had a friend to talk to. All they’ve got are their teddies and teddies can’t talk. Or can they? This is a story full of fun and surprises! When Melrose feels sad, it’s best friend Croc who knows just how to bring back his smile… Melrose and Croc return in style in this beautiful picture book adventure, full of tension and drama, from the internationally renowned, award-winning author-illustrator Emma Chichester Clark. Melrose has planned a wonderful birthday for his great friend Croc: a stay at a villa by the sea, a wonderful tea and a lovely surprise. As Melrose goes out to get everything ready, Croc sits and waits, and waits. Wherever can Croc be? Finally, Croc discovers that his friend is in danger, but will he reach him in time to save him? Tapir wants to express himself, but he can’t find the words! He and his friends all have nice new notebooks, just waiting to be filled. Giraffe decides to write a poem, Hippo writes a story, and Flamingo composes a beautiful song. But poor Tapir can’t think of anything to write – and the harder he tries the more upset he becomes! But everything starts to change when Tapir stops trying to write, and instead he begins to draw . . . Little Beaver lives all alone by the edge of a pond. He doesn’t have any friends. One day, when he starts to cry, he hears someone else crying too. Could he have found a friend at last? Oscar and Tilly find a playground, but Tilly won’t let Oscar have a go on anything. Tilly gets dizzy on the roundabout. ‘It’s my turn now!’ shouts Oscar. He has great fun and Tilly has to wait her turn – but then Oscar comes across a see-saw. Hare is always raring to go. He races through the day while Tortoise does his best to keep up. But when he is ready for his bedtime story from tortoise, Hare is no longer in a hurry. He loves to linger over every picture. After all, some things just shouldn’t be rushed. Once there was a cat who lived all alone. The other cats thought he was grumpy, but actually he just didn’t know how to make friends. Then a little kitten started to follow him around. Cat tried to get rid of the kitten, but is that what he really wanted to do? One morning, Gruff the Grump meets a little rabbit clinging to a branch, clutching a fallen star. The little rabbit is trying to rescue all the stars she keeps finding, and needs a big, kind friend like Gruff to help. Gruff certainly doesn’t want a friend but the rabbit is rather determined. On the ice, the wind is blowing gently and Big Bear has paused for a moment on his journey. Suddenly the stillness is broken with a cry as a child tumbles down an icy cliff. . . Elvis the Cat, driven away by constant fighting with Buddy the Dog. If anyone sees him, please call Lucy.

Please help! I miss him!
-Buddy (the dog)

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