Get Ready for a HOle lot of Fun!

 HOle books is a wonderful series by Duckbill Publications. Each title in the series can be read independently as the stories are not connected. The books are written and illustrated by various authors. These books are targeted at Young Readers who are stepping into the world of chapter books. There are currently 17 titles in this series.

Duckbill Publications have 4 reading levels within the Young Readers category. The 17 HOle book titles published so far come under level 2 and 3.There isn’t a very drastic difference between the 2 levels since they are all ultimately aimed at Young Readers. The boldness in the font and number of chapters and length ofeach chapter are some of the differences between the 2 levels. Irrespective of the reading level within the Young Readers category, each of these books has only about 80 pages and around 10 chapters. This is a perfect reading length for pre-teens.

Chapter books for young readers is a category that has so far been mostly dominated by International Publications. Through HOle books, DuckbillPublications have done a fantastic job of introducing simple chapter books with an Indian context.

Pick up a book today to meet little vampires, monster hunters, very special Superheroes and many other children whose stories are bound to delight and excite every child! Fantasy, Mystery, Humor and Adventure awaits you in each of the fascinating stories of this series. Simple and engaging story lines, large fonts, short chapter lengths and a good number of illustrations (black and white only) make these a perfect read for all young readers.

There is an actual hole punched in the corner of each book, right through the covers and all the pages. So, jump in to have a HOle lot of FUN!

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Happy Reading!

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