Give Yourself Goosebumps!

Ready to get Goosebumps?

Looking for the perfect books to help your children take their first steps into the world of Horror? Goosebumps series by R. L. Stine is the best place to start. First published in 1992, these series have been popular ever since. They are great for children who are in the 8+ age group.

Now, please don’t go looking for moral lessons in these books as they have been written purely for enjoyment and reading motivation. One of the main reasons these books have been popular among children and their parents, is the fact that there are no drugs and extreme violence. This means you can safely allow your children to read these books as there are never any real serious situations in these stories. The central characters are young children and the “bad guys” are almost always super natural monsters. Personally, I used to absolutely LOVE reading this series. I used to wait for my bi-weekly library trips to get my next Goosebumps copy!

This series is also great for children to get comfortable with the chapter book format.  Children will get hooked on, owing to a good mix of suspense, horror and fantasy. The situations in the stories are such that the children have to find a way to escape on their own without much help from adults. Keeping children in mind, these books describe day to day problems and familiar scenarios mixed in with age appropriate amount of tension and suspense.

Always keep in mind that the main goal of all these books is to scare. So take time to talk to your children about the super natural elements in these books. Talk about the weird scenarios and ghosts. Let them get comfortable with this genre and understand that these are just stories. If your child is uncomfortable with these books, please don’t push them. Give them time and allow them to set the pace. Some children may never have a taste for this genre and that is perfectly fine too. End of the day, reading is all about enjoying yourself and if horror is what works for your children, then with Goosebumps, they are in for some Spook-tastic Fun!

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