Secret Seven – Classic Mystery Series

Looking for a classic mystery series to introduce to your child? A series that has proved to be successful for generations? Secret Seven it is!

Secret Seven is a secret society formed by Janet and her brother Peter. Their friends Jack, Barbara, Pam, Colin and George are the other members. They also have an unofficial but very important member, Scamper, who is Jack and Janet’s pet dog. Scamper accompanies them on their exciting adventures.

The author, Enid Blyton, has very creatively thought of and formed this secret club with lots of fun elements to interest children. The perfect target audience for these books would be pre-teens.

The group has secret meetings at their head quarters, club badges, a secret password for every meeting, secret society rules and many fun adventures. There are 15 titles in this series and each one of these adventures is a must read. Through these books, children can live the excitement of being part of a secret society which is comprised of school children just like them!

A few things to note about this book are, that the font size is medium and there are no illustrations inside. Each book is divided into approximately 10-12 chapters. Enid Blyton’s books are known for their quality language and sentence construction, while keeping it absolutely simple and real.

Have fun finding clues and learning to be a team player while solving thrilling mysteries!

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Happy Reading!

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