The Adventures of Young Kalam

Adventures of Young Kalam by Stuti Agarwal features our dearest Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as a school going boy!

Young Kalam is a misfit in his village where people don’t appreciate his creativity and his desire to think out of the box, they wonder why he can’t be “normal” like the other children. But irrespective of what the villagers think, there are people who believe in him – his Abbu, Professor Ramachandran and his best friends Balli and Ram.

His class teacher, Miss Punnakai, is the main reason behind all that is not right in the lives of Young Kalam and his friends. This story takes us through an adventure where Young Kalam with the help of his professor, uses his quick thinking and scientific creativity to save his friends and villagers from a dreadful cyclone.

One important point to note is that this is purely a work of fiction. It is not a true story. The author has done a wonderful job of narrating a thrilling story purely based on her imagination and admiration for our former President. She has included familiar elements such as his humility, simplicity and his deep love for science and mathematics in this story, which makes it believable.

This book is perfect for children 7+ years old. It has been split into 14 chapters, each approximately 10 pages long. Every chapter has one double page illustration which is very beautifully done and adds to your reading experience.

Stuti Agarwal, is also the author of another fun book, The Adventures of Tootsie Lama. You can find both her books in our library at My Once Upon A Time,

Happy Reading!

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