Tigers for Dinner : Tall Tales by Jim Corbett’s Khansama

  • Looking to introduce your child to the magic of Ruskin Bond?
  • Have one or more reluctant readers at home and want to find an interesting book to have them hooked?
  • Looking for a chapter book from a classic author with beautiful language as well as illustrations?
  • Simply wondering what book to read next or suggest to your little reader?
This book is the perfect answer to all the above questions!

Told from the point of view of little Ruskin, this book is filled with tall tales narrated by his cook, Mehmoud. As wonderful was Mehmoud’s cooking, equally wonderful and delightful were his stories. He had a tall tale for every occasion. Mehmoud used to work as khansama or cook for the famous hunter, Jim Corbett. From being carried away by a crocodile, to wrestling with a cobra while in bed and even having to deal with the supernatural, Mehmoud serves little Ruskin each tale accompanied by yummy culinary delights like mangomilkshakes and lamb chops. Little Ruskin laps up all these spectacular tales while appreciating and being visibly awestruck with Mehmoud’s heroism, thus always managing to get more than his quota of yummy treats from the kitchen.

Simple yet elegant language is used throughout this book that has a total of 8 chapters, plus an introduction by Ruskin Bond. There are a total of 65 pages. This book would be good for children 9 years and above. I’d highly recommend this for Ruskin Bond lovers of all ages.


Even though the sentences can be easily read by a younger audience, the style of the book is such that you need to be able to understand the subtle humour of these tall tales.
Sunaina Coelho’s bold and bright illustrations perfectly compliment this wonderful collection of delicious stories!
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